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Formed in early 1993, Necromanicide is Malaysia's Pioneer Christian Metal^M band. Their style of music ranges from Low Gut wrenching Grindcore Malice^M and Chaotic Unblack Screams to Distorted Industrial Chaos. Influenced^M heavily by bands like Mortificaton, Tourniquet, Galactic Cowboys, Circle of^M Dust and Horde, Necromanicide forged it's unique blend of^M Grind/Unblack/Industrial/Hardcore chaos. After recording 3 demos,^M Necromanicide finally got signed up by the japanese label Pony Canyon and^M was featured on a compilation album. The compilation 'The underground^M Scene' also showcased the band's different music styles from Grindcore,^M Thrash and also Holy Unblack Metal. It contained 5 tracks of Necromanicide^M along with Singaporean (Secular) acts Stomping Ground and Opposition Party.^M The band also played a numerous succesful gigs including a gig at the Salem^M Beach Blast which was attended by an estimate of 35,000 people! The band^M then took a short hiatus after Axeman Nick Lee went of to study in the^M States.^M

^M ^M The release of 'The Underground Scene' also was approached well by the^M Malaysian Entertainment Media who classed them as "Positive Metal". But^M inspite of the positive response from the media, their label Pony Canyon^M decided not to release a Necromanicide album. This was because the label^M "tmp2.txt" 61 lines, 3094 characters

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