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Song Titles

  1. Hate Regime
  2. Mindwarped
  3. Unwanted Killer
  4. The Descent into Hades
  5. Society
  6. Who am I?
  7. Killing Ground
  8. The Last Journey
  9. Ha-Ma Schiah: The Birth
  10. Ha-Ma Schiah: The Tribulation
  11. Ha-Ma Schiah: The Return
  12. Paradigm
  13. Catacombs of Death
  14. Social Grievance


We accept all merchandise in either Int MO, Bank draft or Cheque ONLY. Do NOT send us cash (Unless yours is a registered or express mail. At own risk.).

ALL PRICES INCLUDE POSTAGE and REGISTRATION (For delivery guarranteed), We would like to mail everything registered to make sure that you do receive your goods!! Remember, the prices above include shipment and REGISTRATION!


  1. 1. Long & Short Sleeve Necromanicide T-Shirt (US 20.00 & US15.00 ) RM 25.00 & RM 18.00 [SOLD OUT]
  3. 2. Underground Scene cassette only (US 5.00 ) RM 10.00 [SOLD OUT]
  1. 3. Hate Regime cassette - Necromanicide (US 5.00 ) RM 12.00
  1. 4. Hate Regime CD - Necromanicide (US 15.00 ) RM 33.00

Please use RM prices for Asia South order only.

If you're not from Asia South, please find our distro at
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For Other Countries

For Asia South countries

Please make cheques or International MO of equivalent amount in RM dollar payable to

  1. Mr. See Foong Tzer.

    Software International
    G1, Enterprise 2
    Technology Park Malaysia
    Bukit Jalil
    57000 Kuala Lumpur

    Fax 60-3-8996 1160