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Band Members

(From Left - Right)

Jeret C. : Drummer
Andre C. : Rythm Guitarist / Vocalist
Adrian Y. : Vocalist
Tee Vann : Bassist

Ban Thye LEE : Lead Guitarist

The new album , Hate Regime , is scheduled to be released in April 1997. Currently the band is negotiating distribution deals with people in Australia and in the United States as well. Pony Canyon in Malaysia has agreed to distribute the album in Malaysia as well. Regardless of being signed up or not, Necromanicide's debut 'Hate Regime' will be available in April 1997 (via mail). Currently, Pony Canyon will be releasing a promotional CD first before the full-length album is released. Both the promo and full length album will be available on CD and maybe cassette. Anybody interested in stocking or distributing this album? Please forward your enquiries to (

Other News

As we all may know that we appeared on national TV, TV3, under the programme called Alternatif. The show featured performances of the songs 'Hate Regime' and 'Society from their latest album. An interesting fact was that Necromanicide was the only Death Metal band in that feature. Also, there is talk of a radio appearence for Necromanicide on the Malaysian Radio Station 'Time Highway Radio', but this has yet to be confirmed.

Emails Of any sort of enquiries : [Necromanicide (]

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