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Indeed a very promising un-black metal band. Musically, it references from synthesizers to shrilling / death vocals. The 3 song compilation album , Norwegian Metal Compilation, is indeed something for all you extreme music fans to treasure. Can someone please tell me when will their full length album to be released ?

Antestor : Live in Stockholm 26/4 -96

The Norwegian Unblack band Antestor came to the christian metal café "The Gate" to perform their gig. About 150 people took part of it and among the crowd could several pentagrams and inverted crosses be seen around the necks of insane blackmetal fans who had been drawn there by the rumors of Norwegian blackmetal. I don't think anyone could be dissappointed with this evening.
At 9 PM the band started their gig with the heavy track entitled "Sorg" (which means "Sorrow") and the heavy guitars and melodic synthesizers really made me happy. The rest of the evening continued in the same way with lead vocalist Kjetil's shrieking voice filling the air around us with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Stig, the guitarist had even painted himself in the face to celebrate this special evening. The corpse paint along with several razorsharp nails on the arm made him look anything but a Christian musician. His preaching however, convinced even the most fanatic satanist about where these guys stand. The set ended at 10.30 PM and then the death metal band Extol took over.
The members of Antestor could then be seen talking to some satanists and giving them the good news and they seemed to accept it.
We all look forward to a forthcoming CD.

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