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Hailing from the land of Vikings (Norway), they have given birth to this 3 song compilation album,Norwegian Metal Compilation. The Music is typically unblack ; extreme highchurning vocals and rhythmic jack hammer drums. This is a good musical offering and if you're into underground extreme metal , jump on this CD..

Under Rowe Productions


Although not fully labeled as an un-black band, fans of Horde and Beheadoth will still 'dive' into this 2 man band. All you guys interested in just melodic thrash stuff, Shacliah is something you shouldn't miss. The lead death/unblack vocalist sure know how to play both the drums and guitar well. The instrumental , Coming Of The Dawn, makes me want to play it again and again. Are they professional full time musicians or what ?


A very heavy unblack yet melodic thrash unit from Australia. Sadly, the one and only recordings can only be found in one metal compilation album, Australian Metal Compilation I. Eventhough, only 1 out of 17 songs is by Beheadoth, its appearance in part of the list , really makes this CD worthy.

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