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Death to Necromancy.

"Fall prostate before the Cross, bathe in the Blood of the Sacrifice..." - an exerpt from the song 'Necromanicide' by Mortification

Formed in early 1993, Necromanicide is Malaysia's Pioneer Christian Metal band. Their style of music ranges from Low Gut wrenching Grindcore Malice and Chaotic Unblack Screams to Distorted Industrial Chaos. Influenced heavily by bands like Mortificaton, Tourniquet, Galactic Cowboys, Circle of Dust and Horde, Necromanicide forged it's unique blend of Grind/Unblack/Industrial/Hardcore chaos. After recording 3 demos, Necromanicide finally got signed up by the japanese label Pony Canyon and was featured on a compilation album. The compilation 'The underground Scene' also showcased the band's different music styles from Grindcore, Thrash and also Holy Unblack Metal. It contained 5 tracks of Necromanicide along with Singaporean (Secular) acts Stomping Ground and Opposition Party. The band also played a numerous succesful gigs including a gig at the Salem Beach Blast which was attended by an estimate of 35,000 people! The band then took a short hiatus after Axeman Nick Lee went of to study in the States.

The release of 'The Underground Scene' also was approached well by the Malaysian Entertainment Media who classed them as "Positive Metal". But inspite of the positive response from the media, their label Pony Canyon decided not to release a Necromanicide album. This was because the label felt that Necromanicide was 'out of the scene' and that Christian Metal just wasn't going to be accepted in Malaysia (Due to the fact that Malaysia is a Muslim Country). In September 1996, Necromanicide entered the studio and recorded it's latest material for it's debut album entitled 'Hate Regime". Unlike the 'Underground Scene', 'Hate Regime' is a wider spectrum of Necromanicide's music showcasing it's maturity since it's last effort. The album being Pre-Dominantly Grindcore Thrash also showcases industrial and Hardcore styles as well. Among some of the supprises includes a song called "Unwanted Killer" which showcases the bands unusual combination of Thrash, Blues and Galactic Cowboys-like harmonies. The album also has a bonus 10th track called 'Necromancy', a song from their 1995 demo. 'Necromancy' showcases the bands early Grindcore sound with unusual Guitar harmonies remniscent of Tourniquet. Also in this album for the first time is an intrumental called 'El-Maseeh', which means 'Messiah' in arabic. Here is the list of some of the songs available on their debut album, 'Hate Regime'.


1. Necromanicide has finished recording their 2nd album material . Now is up to Pony Canyon to release it...very soon.
2. Necromanicide came out on national TV (Channel TV3). The TV3 people interviewed us too.

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