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Visit this CBX member site.
Christian Banner eXchange

Below are some HOT links in which you MAY find some detailed information regarding their availability of their records. However, if you are interested in getting them directly, there is one place which I would recommend for now :-


A free CMP merchandise catalogue (with foreign prices) will be sent out if you ask real nicely.
To telephone from the U.K., it's 010-613-9877-9370 before midday Monday only
from the U.S. it's 011-613-9877-9370 after 6p.m. Central Time Sun.-Thur.
Also handles Rowe Productions (Mortification, other Heavy Stuff)
Visa, Mastercard, cheques, bank drafts and money orders OK.

Email email:
Ph./Fax:03 (int. +613) 9877 9370
P.O. Box 777,
Forest Hill 3131

1 Vox

1 Vox is located in Singapore. They do not do international mail orders. So 1 Vox is actually a good news to Singaporeans only (Perhaps some nearby Malaysians as well).

1 Vox is also a cafeteria. It has delicious western food and drinks. The place is dimly lit and atmospheric. Ohh, several of the stuff reviewed in my pages are found here ... on CDs only.
Opens from Mon to Sat. Starts at 11am and ends at 8pm.
On Sat, it ends at 6pm.
Besides commercial labels , I Vox also handles independent labels !!!


Email Daryl Wong :
1 Vox
Phone:(65) 3347978 Fax: (65) 3341908
Pager : (Within Singapore only) 92039560
1 Coleman Street #02-12,
The Adelphi,
Singapore 179803


A.Y.A. is located at Subang Jaya, Malaysia. They do NOT sell any music material BUT they provide a place for jam/concerts.
Concert door opens on every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month. Starts at 8.00pm. Also for those who has got a band/talent of any, and you wish to perform on these nights , please contact A.Y.A. .

Email A.Y.A. mail box
The Embassy Youth Centre c/o A.Y.A.
34C Jln SS15/8
Subang Jaya 47500

(Located in front of Taylor's College. Top floor.)
Or contact Sandra or Kenneth at :-
Phone : (60)(3)737-8737
Fax : (60)(3)734-737

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