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This is an OLD Necromanicide (Neh-Kro-Man-Ee-Syde) website Death to Necromancy.

"Fall before the Cross, bathe in the Blood of the Sacrifice..."
- an exerpt from the song 'Necromanicide' by Mortification

Necromanicide favours the elements of hardcore, death, industrial and a touch of unblack.

We are a spicy hard Malaysian band. Please select the folders on your left or just send us some feedback.

MESSAGE FOR FANSThe debut ALBUM, Hate Regime, Is OUT now !!!. Our Japanese recording company, Pony Canyon, has released it.

Thanks to them we appear in many local newspapers and magazines.

Check out our MESSAGE

1997/8 TOUR Yes, Necromanicide has been doing Malaysian touring since many months ago. For more info please email at

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