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The Release of Evil's Bane

This release caused such a stir in the black metal market that blood was ready to be spilled. Nuclear Blast's head man, Mark Staiger, decided that he would risk death and therefore release the album. Steve Rowe and his incredible Rowe productions immeadiately got threatened with injury. Why such a stir? This was the first unblack album, or the first Christian black metal release by a major label. In a Sounds of Death article, with Austrialia's own Beastial Warlust, the question was raised whether or not bands like Horde would be allowed to live. The response was that "Anonymous" has a price on his head. In any case, this release stirred the hearts of many Christians and kindled the anger of many satanists.

About the Release

The album, entitled in the Norweigian words "Hellig Usvart", means literaly "holy unblack." Thus Horde, comes to represent what the entire Christian Black Metal scene is all about., totally against the ways of the devil. Anonymous is solely responsible for the "unblack" phrase and its now rampant use among Christian fans. Why the tumoil over a phrase? I will write more about this topic, but I will speak a little now. I believe that Steve Rowe and the lot at Rowe Productions along with Horde, wanted to create a whole new genre of music; hence holy unblack. Why should we dabble with what is already here? Let us go with the future and the new tides. For me, it will always be Holy UnBlack!

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The Lyrics of Hellig Usvart

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